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One of the reasons I have my website is because I do family research. I wanted to assist other researchers working on the same family names. The other reason is that I wanted a way for my family to stay in touch with each other.

 Several years after I had my website up and running my sister passed away. At that point I decided to create a tribute page in her honor so that the entire family would be able to remember her as she was and to renew their memories of her through pictures.

 This is my tribute to my niece Yvette. I wanted to do something so that other people in the family would have the same opportunities that I have to remember her the way she was and to remember the things that she did.

 I first met Yvette and her family in 1988.   At that time they lived in Wrightwood California and a few months later our families were combined when her mother Kathi and my brother Matt married. The following December her sister Brenda was born. Shortly after Brenda was born the family moved to Phelan California, just a few miles away. We went up there several times a month to visit with Kathi and Matt and the kids. I brought along my three kids and the cousins got along very well.

 For the next several years we spent most holidays with Matt and his family in Phelan. Yvette was a very pretty girl who loved music and dancing, as well as her family. Eventually she graduated high school. In 1994 she became a mother of a beautiful daughter. Shortly after the birth of her daughter she married her husband James. In 1996 she welcomed her beautiful son Brandon. After Yvette was married and had a family of her own, we didn't get to see her as much. However when I did get the chance to see her she was always talking about how much she loved her children and how her children were doing.

Eventually things did not work out for her and James and they divorced. After that things were rough on Yvette. Life was much harder. Yvette was unable to take care of both children so Yvette had Jackie and James had Brandon.  She was able to see him anytime she wanted but it wasn't the same as having him living with her. Yvette had good times and bad times, she also had some medical problems caused from an accident that she was in. Yvette didn't let that stop her from enjoying her life and enjoying her family.

In 1999 Yvette's parents moved to Tennessee. It was hard being away from her parents but she continued on taking care of her children. Eventually Yvette decided that she was going move to Tennessee as well to try to get her life and medical problems back on track. Unfortunately God had other plans and took her in 2008.

We never know why God takes his children when they are so young. Yvette was only 30 years old when she went home to her father and she left behind her two children, her parents, her brother and sister, her aunts, her uncles, her cousins, and her friends. I believe whole heartedly that being with God her father has given her eternal happiness. She is no longer in pain, she's no longer suffering, she's happy and she's watching over her children from heaven.

This page is dedicated to my niece whom I miss very much. I thought that after three years it would have been a little easier to create this page, however, it was a lot harder than I expected.

My hopes are that everyone that views her pages will enjoy seeing her life the way that I did. Yvette my darling niece I know that you are resting in peace at this time. I love you and I miss you so much.

Your Loving Aunt



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