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I have spent many years researching my family history. It all began when 1985 when my oldest son had a school project for his History class. What started out as a simple class assignment turned out to be over 300 people within a few months. 

Since then it has taken on a life of its own.  I continued to do research and talk to relatives long after the report was turned in.  Since I began this quest, many of my sources have pass on.  I feel so very blessed and lucky to have their voices and their stories written down. They gave me invaluable information along with photos and stories.

I wish to thank all my family members for their input of information.  This would not be possible if not for that.  I special thank you to Allen Handling for giving me the information on the Loftis-Damm Family

I have published four books.  To find out why I chose to take on this task, click here (Why Genealogy). To check out my ancestry, you can just click on the links below.

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